How To Make Money Writing Articles From Home

How To Make Money Writing Articles From Home

If you have writing skills and are looking to generate income from home, this article will surely be useful, since today we are going to talk about how to make money writing. Before you get scared, I’ll tell you that you do not have to be a JK Rowling, but simply a person who likes to write, write or create content for yourself or for a third party.

Depending on the type of writer you want to be, you can get more or fewer profits, but making money writing is a real possibility that thousands of people are already taking advantage of today. The advantages are many and the requirements are minimal: an Internet connection, a PC, (a mobile phone or a tablet can also be used) and of course a lot of desire to work.

How To Make Money Writing Articles From Home

How To Make Money Writing Articles From Home

I started this online writing more than 5 years ago and I am more than satisfied, because, in addition to having earned enough money, my writing and writing level has improved a lot.

The content of the article

  • Charge for writing? How much will I earn?
  • The 5 best methods to earn money writing?
  • Charge for writing articles?
  • How much will I earn with writing articles?

Before you start to get excited and think what is not, I have to tell you that making a living writing online is not a bargain, but rather a normal work where the income you generate will be directly proportional to the work you do. Come on, as in an ordinary job.

It is true that the advantages are quite interesting, as is the possibility of working from home, without schedules, without bosses and completely at your own pace. Nobody has become a millionaire (to my knowledge) writing online, but if you can earn a decent salary and also accompanied by a better quality of life.

Another aspect to note is that, although anyone can try to make the leap to online writing, not everyone will achieve the same results. Writing well is an art, and depending on your level, you can go more or less far.

My personal opinion is that, if you are bitten by this worm of making money writing on the Internet, do not hesitate and try it. You will not lose anything and yet you can get great results

The 5 most popular methods to earn money writing

Without further ado, we are going to break down the five most known and reliable ways to generate income from home thanks to online writing. Let’s GO!

1. Translate texts into other languages.

Do you speak a language other than your native language? If so, there you have another excellent opportunity to earn money writing from home. Needless to say, you really have to master the real language…;

For online translations, online translators already exist. To generate income in this way you have to offer a  quality service, and that is only achieved by having a good vocabulary of your native language and almost perfectly mastering another foreign language.

To offer your services in this field you will have to register for free in different platforms (below I will put a list), in addition to building a good reputation making good translations and meeting the deadlines.

2. Publish your own eBook.

This method is a bit more difficult but not at all impossible. Here you will need more time because a good book is not written overnight, in addition to the promotional work necessary.

What many people do is create an ebook after they have made themselves known thanks to their blog, so having done the previous step will give you a bestial advantage. When you have a website with many followers, selling a book is obviously much easier.

Obviously, this step is not mandatory, and you can start writing an eBook without having anything behind. Afterward, you can use platforms like Amazon to publish your book without having hardly any expense.

If you feel like writing and creating your own digital work, I recommend you read this article where I delve more into this topic

3. Create your own blog.

If your goal is to make profitable your writing skills in the long term, the best option without any doubt is to create your own blog. You decide when, how and what to write in each moment, without hurry, without ties, and without anyone to mark the guidelines of what you should do and what not.

Another great advantage is that you can write what you really like and/or passion, which will always give a plus of quality to your articles. It is not the same to write about something that motivates you than something that you do not have the slightest interest in, right?

That was one of the reasons that personally motivated me to create this blog since the world of online business has always fascinated me and I thought (and I still think), that I could contribute something interesting to many people interested in the same thing as me.

In addition, although in the short term write on your own blog may be unprofitable, with the passage of time this changes dramatically. Working with others can report income to a greater or lesser extent, but they will never give you the benefits that a blog can generate over time.

As if this were not enough, creating a blog today is an easy task and suitable for any type of person. The information on the Internet about this topic is huge, so even if you do not have the slightest knowledge, you can create your blog without any complications.

To consider

If you want to start somewhere, you can do it through this article: How to create a blog step by step. There you will find a compilation of the steps that I personally took in your day to create this blog that you are reading right now

Once you have it working, it will be time to start writing and creating content to achieve the goal of generating income. The ways to achieve it are several:

  • Monetization through affiliate platforms such as ShareASale, TradeTracker or Daisycon. It is the form that I personally use on this blog.
  • Insert ads through Google Adsense, the most famous CPC platform in the world. If you have a blog similar to mine you will not be able to use it ( for these reasons ), but for 95% of the topics, it is usually the best option.

In the next video, you can check how far you can get with the Google platform

  • Sell your own services or info products. One of the great experts in this field is Franck Scipion.
  • Publish promoted articles. As soon as your blog has some visibility, many people will contact you to publish their products or services. Remember that it is your blog, so you decide what to publish and what not, and of course at what price

4. Offer your services in specific portals.

As I have said before, I am going to present a list of the different pages where you can register for free and offer your services as an editor, writer, and translator. They are the following:

  • Freelancer: Another very interesting website to find and offer all kinds of online writing and writing services.
  • Fiverr: One of the best-known pages to offer your freelancer services. Very large community with huge possibilities, but with a lot of competition and very cheap prices (from $5).
  • Artigoo: Very simple way to earn money by writing. Publish content and receive 50% of the generated with advertising.
  • Textbroker: One of the best platforms of today to make money writing texts, stories, and articles. In addition to offering your services, you can also hire those of other people.

5. Get in touch with other bloggers.

This method is a bit more tedious but not without interest. It’s simply about getting in touch with other bloggers to offer your services. In as simple as searching the contact section and sending the corresponding presentation email.

NOTE: An important detail to keep in mind, is that the ideal is to contact people who have blogs on topics in which you have certain knowledge.

For example, if I wanted to give this service, the first thing I would do would be to contact all bloggers who have a website about making money online. Logical, right? It will always be much easier to write about something you control than something that you have no idea

On the Internet, you will find many pages and forums where people are seeking to create content for blogs where owners do not have time to create them.

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I hope you find this information useful about how to make money writing articles from home. If you have any suggestion on this topic please write the comment or direct email us… and please don’t use Temporary Email Address… Just joking…

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